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Plastic Skirting Board – Espumo 401 | 100mm | White | 2400mm length

Material High-Quality Plastic
Model Espumo 401
Height 100mm
Colour White
Length 2400mm


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Step into the world of Plastic Skirting Board Espumo 401 100mm White 2400mm. This skirting board serves as an ideal choice for cladding installations in both kitchens and bathrooms. It comes in an elegant shade of white.

Dive into the Unique Features:

Firstly, let’s talk about its build quality. The board is crafted from sturdy PVC material. Importantly, this ensures both durability and ease of upkeep. Secondly, its dimensions add another layer of versatility. Specifically, the board’s height is 100mm. Moreover, the length is 2400mm. As such, these features make it adaptable for a range of interior spaces. On the subject of colour, its white hue adds a dash of elegance. Whether you pair it with bright colours or set it against darker tones, it enhances the look of your property. Consequently, installation is a breeze as well. Measure the pieces and cut them to fit your walls. Notably, MB Megabond Adhesive is the adhesive you need for this job. Created with hybrid polymer technology, it ensures a watertight seal. In moisture-heavy areas like bathrooms, don’t forget to apply silicone sealant to the trim. This keeps the board watertight. For the corners, make 45-degree cuts. As a result, this ensures they fit snugly.

Why Opt for Plastic Skirting Boards:

To sum it up, the Plastic Skirting Board Espumo 401 100mm White 2400mm is a robust and stylish solution. It’s perfect for a range of indoor settings. Paired with the high-quality MB Megabond Adhesive, it promises longevity and a premium finish.

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