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Plastic Skirting Board – Reversible | 65mm | White | 2500mm length

Material Plastic
Design Reversible
Height 65mm
Color White
Length 2500mm


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Introducing our Plastic Skirting Board Reversible 65mm White 2500mm. This skirting board is an excellent choice for cladding in both kitchens and bathrooms. It comes in a classic white finish.

A Detailed Look at a Versatile Choice for Your Home:

Starting with the basics, the board is crafted from high-quality PVC material. This ensures the product’s durability. It also makes maintenance simple. Moving on to dimensions, it measures 65mm in height and has a 2500mm length. This makes it a versatile option for rooms of varying sizes. Unique to this product is its two-sided design. One face features an Ogee pattern while the opposite side is partly chamfered. This dual design offers you the freedom to switch between styles. The white finish adds an aesthetic touch. It complements various wall shades and can also act as a contrasting element with darker colours. Installation is straightforward. Measure and cut the board first. Then, affix it to the wall using our MB Megabond Adhesive. This adhesive employs hybrid polymer technology for an enduring, watertight seal. Especially in wet areas like bathrooms, sealing the top edge with silicone is advisable.

Why Choose the Plastic Skirting Board Reversible 65mm White 2500mm:

In conclusion, this skirting board offers a blend of utility and style. Its reversible feature lets you switch between an Ogee and a partly chamfered pattern, giving you added flexibility. Thus, for anyone seeking both function and aesthetic appeal in interior upgrades, this product should be at the top of your list.

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