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Plastic Starter Trim 1 Part | 8mm | Beige | 2600mm length

Type Plastic Starter Trim 1 Part
Height 8mm
Length 2600mm
Colour Beige


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For a streamlined look and reliable fit, choose the Plastic Starter Trim 1 Part 8mm Beige 2600mm. Elevate your next Starter Trim project today. Upgrade your kitchen or bathroom with the added sophistication that beige brings. Experience the ease of installation and a watertight seal for ultimate peace of mind.

The Ease of One-Part Trim Installation

Let’s delve into what a one-part trim means. Unlike a two-part trim, a one-part trim is a singular piece. In this case, you push the panel directly into the trim. First, clean and dry the area where the trim will be installed. Then apply a strong adhesive or silicone sealant to the back of the trim. Press the trim firmly against the wall. Ensure it is both straight and level. Following this, insert your 8mm wall panels into the trim. Confirm that no gaps are visible. Lastly, to ensure a secure installation, apply silicone sealant around the edges. In bathrooms and shower areas, this step is essential for a watertight seal.

The Beauty of Beige in Your Space

In conclusion, the Plastic Starter Trim 1 Part 8mm Beige 2600mm offers more than functionality. Its beige hue adds to your room’s aesthetic appeal. Beige is a versatile colour. It pairs well with both light and dark shades to create a balanced look. The trim thus blends seamlessly into a variety of colour schemes, enriching your property’s overall aesthetic.