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Plastic Starter Trim 2 Part | 8mm-10mm | Black | 2600mm length

Type Plastic Starter Trim 2 Part
Height 8mm-10mm
Length 2600mm
Colour Black


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Meet the Plastic Starter Trim 2 Part 8mm-10mm Black 2600mm. Crafted for both versatility and reliability, this two-part trim is your go-to for kitchen and bathroom cladding. Its black colour lends a modern and sophisticated touch to any interior space, making it perfect for contemporary designs.

Understanding the 2 Part Plastic Trim:

This trim is a two-part variant. This means you’ll initially place your 8mm-10mm panel on the trim’s base part. Subsequently, you attach the front part to lock it in place. First, ensure the surface area where the trim will go is spotless and dry. Next, apply an adhesive or silicone sealant to the back of the base trim. Carefully position the trim against the wall, keeping it level. Then lay your wall panel onto the trim. Once it’s in place, snap on the front part of the trim. Lastly, seal the trim edges with silicone to achieve a watertight seal. This step is particularly vital in wet environments such as bathrooms to fend off water damage.

Black for Stylish Design and Conclusion:

Black is a colour of elegance and drama. It pairs wonderfully with lighter tones for a striking contrast or can act as the cornerstone in a monochromatic design. The trim’s black colour serves as a robust foundation, allowing you to play around with various design ideas. In conclusion, the Plastic Starter Trim 2 Part 8mm-10mm Black 2600mm is a product that marries functionality with design versatility. Its two-part system ensures a secure fit, while its bold colour turns it into a design statement in its own right.