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Plastic Starter Trim 2 Part | 8mm | White | 2600mm length

Type Plastic Starter Trim 2 Part
Height 8mm
Length 2600mm
Colour White


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Looking for a reliable Starter Trim? The Plastic Starter Trim 2 Part 8mm White 2600mm provides both style and functionality, making it perfect for kitchen and bathroom cladding. Designed to accommodate 8mm wall panels, this two-part trim ensures a secure and watertight seal. Its white colour adds a touch of elegance, blending effortlessly with various design schemes to enhance your property’s aesthetics.

Navigating the Two-Part System:

So, what makes the Plastic Starter Trim 2 Part 8mm White 2600mm different from a one-part trim? For this specific 8mm white trim, you first place the wall panel atop the base trim. After that, you attach the face or front part of the trim. First, clean the wall area and let it dry. Then, add a durable adhesive or silicone to the back of the trim. Next, press the trim to the wall and ensure it’s even and upright. Now, slide the 8mm wall panel into the trim. Keep an eye out to ensure no gaps are visible. Lastly, to lock in a tight seal, run silicone along the trim edges. In damp places like bathrooms, this last step is key for keeping water out.

The Versatility of White:

White is an incredibly versatile colour. It can be paired with a multitude of colours to create different aesthetics. A white trim like this can be contrasted with darker tones for a sophisticated look. Alternatively, it can complement lighter shades for a more harmonious feel. This trim not only secures your wall panels but also elevates your property’s look.