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PVC Window Sill Board – Rounded Edge | 210mm | Gloss White | 2500mm length

Feature Details
Product Type Window Sill
Length 2500mm
Width 210mm
Colour Gloss White
Construction Plastic
Edge Design Rounded Edge


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The 210mm window sill Gloss White | Rounded Edge showcases both aesthetic allure and masterful craftsmanship. This accessory does more than just function. It enhances the allure of your windows.

Modern architecture demands clean, refined components. This window sill meets this call. Its gloss white finish speaks sophistication. Its pure white shade exudes luxury, fitting various decor styles, from simple to grand.

But, color isn’t its only strength. Its design stands out. A rounded edge gives the sill a soft, elegant touch. You won’t find sharp edges or sudden stops. Instead, a smooth curve flows with the window frame.

Beyond looks, this window sill offers strength. The gloss not only boosts visual charm but also ensures a wipe-down restores its shine.

Are you redesigning or building a new home? Consider this window sill. Its size, shine, and smooth edges aim to uplift any room’s feel.

The 210mm window sill Gloss White | Rounded Edge makes more than just a physical contribution. It broadcasts style, grace, and keen attention to detail.

Choosing the right window accessory can transform a space. It can bridge the gap between functional necessity and artistic expression. This sill understands that. It seeks to deliver on both fronts.

Every component of a house plays a role in storytelling. The windows are the eyes of a home. They let in light, offer views, and frame our world. With this in mind, shouldn’t the sills, the very foundation of these windows, be of top quality?

Craftsmen have poured their skills into this sill’s creation. They’ve prioritized both form and function. The outcome? A product that doesn’t just fit but belongs.

To sum it up, this window sill is more than a piece of decor. It’s a nod to artful design and durable construction.