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PVC Window Sill Board – Straight Edge | 150mm | Gloss White | 2500mm length

Feature Details
Product Type Window Sill
Length 2500mm
Width 150mm
Colour Gloss White
Construction Plastic
Edge Design Straight Edge


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Introduce a fresh, modern touch to your windows with the 150mm Window Sill Gloss White. Carefully made, this window sill isn’t just about function; it’s a statement piece. It’s crafted to show off a modern look with its sleek profile and shiny finish.

The journey of reimagining window aesthetics begins with the PVC Window Sill Board – Straight Edge | 150mm | Gloss White | 2500mm length. This board, however, doesn’t stop at just looking good. Additionally, it merges style with purpose. Hence, it’s an excellent pick for both homes and modern office environments.

Having a 150mm width and a straight-edge design, the PVC Window Sill Board projects a simple yet elegant look. Specifically, it’s the go-to choice for those who want both trendy design and practical use. Furthermore, its bright white finish brightens up spaces, easily blending with various room colors. Thus, no matter your room’s theme, this sill will fit right in.

The material? We’ve chosen top-grade PVC. As a result, it doesn’t just sit pretty; it lasts. With a generous length of 2500mm, it covers typical window sizes, giving a smooth, classy look.

Moreover, you’ll find its installation process to be a breeze. Thanks to its well-thought-out design, it fits perfectly. So, whether you’re a seasoned installer or someone who loves DIY, you’ll enjoy setting it up. Consequently, you’ll get a neat, standout finish every time.

To wrap things up, the 150mm Window Sill Gloss White isn’t merely a functional piece. Instead, it symbolizes style, sturdiness, and ease of use. So when you choose this, you’re not just picking a product. You’re expressing a keen eye for detail and a preference for quality.