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PVC Window Sill Board – Straight Edge | 230mm | Gloss White | 2500mm length

Feature Details
Product Type Window Sill
Length 2500mm
Width 230mm
Colour Gloss White
Construction Plastic
Edge Design Straight Edge


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Here’s the 230mm Window Sill Gloss White for you. This PVC Window Sill Board is more than just a part of a window. It’s a blend of style and use. With its 230mm width, it offers full coverage. This means it’s practical. It also means it gives a stylish edge to windows.

Meet our PVC Window Sill Board. Its features? A sharp straight edge. A width that’s 230mm. A bright glossy white color. And a useful 2500mm in length. This board isn’t just for looks. It’s solid in its job. The straight edge of the board ensures windows have a tidy finish. This neatness lifts the feel of any room.

The colour of the PVC Window Sill Board is another big win. The white gloss isn’t just any white. It’s a deep, pure white. This kind of white has an upscale feel. So, whether you’re into the latest trends or classic vibes, this board fits right in. It will add a splash of modern charm to your space.

The material is worth noting too. We use top-tier PVC. Why? Because PVC stands strong. It lasts long and doesn’t give in to daily pressures. And the weather? It stands firm there too. The PVC Window Sill Board’s length of 2500mm is another perk. It’s versatile. It suits many window sizes. When set, it looks sleek.

Its straight edge is modern. No frills, just function. Many modern designs chase this look. They want that crisp feel. And this board offers just that.

In the end, here’s the thing. If you’re hunting for a mix of style and lifespan, the 230mm Window Sill Gloss White is your pick. This window sill board delivers. It pairs chic looks with tough function. It’s an asset to windows everywhere.