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Plastic Bath and Shower Trim 2 Part Sureseal | 8mm-10mm | White | 1850mm length

Product Type Bath and Shower Trim
Brand Sureseal
Gap Compatibility 8mm-10mm
Color White
Length 1850mm
Material High-Quality Plastic

Suited Sureseal End Caps are available to seal the ends of your Sureseal trim and create a neat, professional finish.


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Looking for a durable Bath and Shower Trim? Try the Sureseal Shower Trim 2 Part 8mm-10mm White 1850mm. Ideal for kitchens and bathrooms. It offers a moisture-resistant design that is easy to maintain. You’ll find this trim especially useful in areas that require a watertight seal.

Installing and Maintaining Your Trim:

Firstly, turn off your water supply. Remove any existing trim if it’s there. Now, prepare the surface with plumber’s tape. Align your new Sureseal Shower Trim 2 Part. Next, secure the trim with screws. After that, apply silicone sealant for a watertight finish. Finally, turn your water supply back on. Test for any leaks. Make adjustments as needed. This ensures a watertight seal which is crucial in bath or shower areas. For this installation, keep a screwdriver, measuring tape, plumber’s tape and a caulking gun at hand. Remember to consult the manufacturer’s instructions as well.

A Concluding Note on Sureseal Shower Trim:

In conclusion, the Sureseal Shower Trim 2 Part 8mm-10mm White 1850mm is not just about function. It adds aesthetic value too. Its white colour offers versatility. You can pair it with multiple hues or contrast it with darker tones. This elevates the overall look of your property. To sum up, this shower trim offers a blend of practicality and style, making it an excellent choice for your home improvement projects.

For expert advice on the ideal Bath and Shower Trim, please contact our sales team who will be happy to assist you.