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Talon Radiator Pipe Collar | 42mm | Chrome

Product Type Pipe Collar
Size 42mm
Material Plastic
Brand Talon
Colour Chrome


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Introducing the epitome of luxury piping finishes – the Pipe Collar 42mm Chrome. When you desire that extra touch of sophistication, this chrome collar stands out, making every pipe fitting a design statement.

With its brilliant chrome finish, the Pipe Collar 42mm Chrome reflects an aura of opulence and contemporary flair. It adds not just a touch, but an exclamation of elegance to any space it graces. Whether it’s a chic home interior or a state-of-the-art office environment, this collar is sure to catch the eye and garner admiration.

But this product isn’t just about looks. Ensuring longevity and durability, the chrome finish is resistant to tarnishing and corrosion. It’s meticulously crafted to withstand daily challenges, from moisture to accidental knocks, ensuring it maintains its shine and newness for years to come.

Ease of installation is yet another commendable feature. Specifically designed for 42mm pipes, it promises a snug fit, eliminating any hassles during the fitting process. Its intuitive design ensures that both DIY enthusiasts and professional fitters find the installation straightforward and quick.

In essence, the Pipe Collar 42mm Chrome is more than just a functional accessory; it’s a celebration of refined taste and style. When you opt for this collar, you don’t just cover a pipe; you elevate the very ambiance of your space. Choose it for unparalleled elegance and unmatched durability.