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uPVC Window Architrave – Deeplas | 60mm | Anthracite Grey | 2500mm length

Feature Details
Brand Deeplas
Material uPVC
Width 60mm
Colour Anthracite Grey
Length 2500mm


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Introducing the uPVC Window Architrave Deeplas 60mm Anthracite Grey 2500mm. This product is your go-to solution for bathroom and kitchen cladding installations. Durability meets aesthetics in this stylish architrave.

Delve into the Details:

Firstly, At the core of this product lies its adaptability. With dimensions of 60mm in height and 2500mm in length, this skirting board suits a variety of spaces. Its material is strong PVC. This guarantees a long-lasting product that is easy to maintain. The colour is Anthracite Grey. This shade is striking and offers a wonderful visual contrast when paired with lighter walls. Alternatively, it blends well in a monochrome setting. The architrave is waterproof. This makes it perfect for moisture-rich environments like bathrooms and kitchens. Furthermore, installation is easy too. Gather your tools including a measuring tape and MB Megabond Adhesive. Cut the architrave at a 45-degree angle at the corners. Apply the MB Megabond Adhesive on the back. Press it firmly against the wall. The adhesive’s hybrid polymer technology ensures a durable, watertight seal. Finish the process by sealing the top edge with silicone for additional waterproofing.

The Final Thoughts:

In summary, the uPVC Window Architrave Deeplas 60mm Anthracite Grey 2500mm offers both form and function. It meets aesthetic goals while being practically waterproof and long-lasting. Its easy installation process facilitated by MB Megabond Adhesive makes it a hassle-free choice. Choose this architrave for a blend of style and efficiency.

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