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uPVC Window Architrave – Deeplas | 90mm | Chartwell Green | 2500mm length

Feature Details
Material uPVC
Brand Deeplas
Width 90mm
Length 2500mm
Color Chartwell Green
Application For Windows


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Elevate your home with the uPVC Window Architrave Deeplas 90mm Chartwell Green 2500mm. This product merges functionality with style. It transforms your kitchen and bathroom cladding with its fresh Chartwell Green hue. The architrave is a perfect match for a variety of interiors.

The Allure of uPVC Window Architrave Deeplas 90mm Chartwell Green 2500mm:

Firstly, titled “Versatility and Durability Combined,” the body of the content would delve into the specifics of the uPVC Window Architrave. The architrave’s durable PVC construction guarantees a long lifespan. It also promises ease of upkeep. At 90mm high, it provides substantial coverage. It complements the junctions between your walls and floors with finesse. Its length of 2500mm is suited for a range of room sizes. The Chartwell Green finish adds an aesthetic charm. It can either blend with your wall colour or create an appealing contrast. Furthermore, its waterproof nature makes it especially suitable for the damp conditions found in kitchens and baths.

Sealing the Elegance:

In the section titled “A Finish That Lasts,” the conclusion would summarise the practical benefits and aesthetic qualities of the uPVC Window Architrave. The installation process is straightforward. It ensures a professional and watertight finish. Using MB Megabond Adhesive enhances the durability of the fitting. The final touch of silicone sealant around the edges secures the trim. It provides additional waterproofing in showers and baths. This particular shade of green not only brightens spaces but also adapts to serve as a focal point or complementary backdrop, depending on the existing décor palette.

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