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uPVC Window Beading – Square | 20mm x 15mm | Chartwell Green | 2500mm length

Feature Details
Type Square Window Beading
Size 20mm x 15mm
Colour Chartwell Green
Material High-Quality uPVC
Length 2500mm


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Step into a world where classic charm meets modern practicality with the uPVC Square Window Beading 15mm x 12mm Chartwell Green 2500mm. Perfect for those seeking to infuse a touch of traditional elegance into their home. This beading is an ideal choice for window installations in both kitchens and bathrooms.

uPVC Square Window Beading 15mm x 12mm Chartwell Green 2500mm:

Discover the fusion of long-lasting material with a dash of countryside aesthetics presented by the uPVC Square Beading. Firstly, it boasts a delightful Chartwell Green shade that can harmoniously blend with natural tones or create a quaint focal point amidst neutral decor. For installation, commence with the precise sizing of the beading to ensure it matches the window frame dimensions. Next, the cut must be angled accurately for that seamless fit. Position the strip confidently into place, tapping gently where necessary. If the glass pane shows any sign of shifting, employ glazing packers for stability. The alignment of each section is key and requires careful adjustment. The final flourish is applying a sealant like MB Megabond Adhesive to secure and weatherproof the edges.

Elegance Ensured with Chartwell Green:

Concluding, the uPVC Square Window Beading not only strengthens the window’s structure but also adds sophistication. Furthermore, its colour and durability are a smart addition for those looking to enhance the functionality and appearance of their windows with a touch of character.

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