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uPVC Window Beading – Square | 15mm x 12mm | White | 2500mm length

Feature Details
Type Square Window Beading
Size 15mm x 12mm
Color White
Material High-Quality uPVC
Length 2500mm


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Introducing the uPVC Square Window Beading 15mm x 12mm White 2500mm. This product offers an exceptional solution for securing window glass. Its pristine white colour ensures it complements various interior styles.

uPVC Square Window Beading 15mm x 12mm White 2500mm:

The uPVC Square Window Beading is not only robust but also versatile. It suits a wide range of window styles. Moreover, its white colour adds a clean finish to any frame. Installation requires accurate measurement first. Then comes the removal of old beading if necessary. The new strips should be cut to the exact length. This ensures a perfect fit. Gentle taps with a mallet may help insert the beading into the frame. Glazing packers can prevent the glass from moving. It is essential to check the alignment of each piece. Adjustments are made where necessary. MB Megabond Adhesive can be applied to seal the edges. This enhances the weatherproofing of the windows.

The Ideal Finish with Lasting Durability:

In summary, the uPVC Square Window Beading is an exemplary choice for window installations. It promises to seal and protect while blending aesthetically with the surroundings. This beading is a practical addition to any home. It ensures a polished look and a secure fit.

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