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uPVC Window Architrave – Deeplas | 40mm | Anthracite Grey | 2500mm length

Feature Details
Material uPVC
Brand Deeplas
Width 40mm
Length 2500mm
Color Anthracite Grey
Application For Windows


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Meet the uPVC Window Architrave Deeplas 40mm Anthracite Grey 2500mm. This architrave is a masterclass in both quality and aesthetic appeal.

Uniting Longevity and Visual Appeal:

The Anthracite Grey variant of our uPVC Window Architrave Deeplas collection stands out for its unique features. Measuring 2500mm in length and 40mm in height, it fits a broad range of interior dimensions. Its construction from robust PVC ensures the product will last for years while being easy to clean. What sets this particular architrave apart is its anthracite grey colour. This hue not only provides a modern touch but also complements an array of other colour schemes. It can add a level of sophistication to your decor, making it perfect for any space that aims for a touch of luxury. For installation, MB Megabond Adhesive is your ally. Measure your required area. Cut the architrave. Apply the adhesive to its back. Attach it securely to the wall. Then seal the top edge with silicone for a water-resistant finish.

The Perfect Anthracite Grey Solution:

When it comes to balancing visual appeal with practicality, the uPVC Window Architrave stands out. It’s the go-to solution for anyone seeking to embellish their living spaces while prioritising longevity and low maintenance.

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