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uPVC Window Architrave – Deeplas | 40mm | Slate Grey | 2500mm length

Product Type uPVC Window Architrave
Brand Deeplas
Width 40mm
Color Slate Grey
Length 2500mm


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Introducing our uPVC Window Architrave Deeplas 40mm Slate Grey 2500mm. This architrave offers both functionality and style. Suited for kitchens and bathrooms, it promises to be a long-lasting solution for your cladding needs.

uPVC Window Architrave Deeplas 40mm Slate Grey 2500mm:

This specific architrave has dimensions of 40mm height and 2500mm length. It is made of durable PVC material. Maintenance becomes easy because of this. Its slate grey colour adds a stylish touch and pairs well with various wall tones. It can serve as a contrasting element in your design scheme. It’s an ideal choice for wet areas due to its waterproof properties. Installation is straightforward. You will need a measuring tape and MB Megabond Adhesive. The latter ensures a watertight seal and provides durability. Don’t forget the silicone sealant for that extra layer of water resistance. A unique feature is the reversible design. One side boasts an elegant Ogee profile while the flip side offers a partly chamfered edge. This gives you styling options.

Key Features and Benefits:

Opt for the uPVC Window Architrave for an amalgamation of durability and style. Utilise it in moisture-prone areas without worry. Couple it with MB Megabond Adhesive for the best results. Its dual-profile, offering both Ogee and partly chamfered options, gives you the flexibility to tailor the aesthetics according to your liking. Choose this architrave for a reliable, stylish, and waterproof solution.

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