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uPVC Window Beading – Square | 20mm x 22mm | Anthracite Grey | 2500mm length

Feature Details
Material uPVC
Shape Square
Dimensions 20mm x 22mm
Length 2500mm
Colour Anthracite Grey
Application For Windows


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Interior design constantly shifts, and with the 20mm Window Beading Anthracite Grey, modern meets timeless. At 20mm, this beading adds a chic touch. It highlights windows without stealing their limelight.

In today’s design-centric world, details count. The uPVC Window Beading – Square | 20mm x 22mm | Anthracite Grey | 2500mm length is modern elegance defined. It’s a sleek frame that boosts the allure of any window.

Anthracite Grey is luxury redefined. This deep, muted color fits various styles. The 2500mm length covers all window sizes, ensuring a polished finish.

With 20mm x 22mm dimensions, both function and form shine. The square design matches trendy interiors, adding a hint of geometry.

Crafted from sturdy uPVC, this uPVC Window Beading is built to last. It stands strong against moisture, UV rays, and everyday wear. Plus, upkeep is minimal.

In short, the uPVC Window Beading is not just a trim. It’s where modern design meets precision and style. It captures the essence of what today’s interior design is all about: a blend of tradition and innovation.

Moreover, windows are the home’s eyes to the world. They deserve only the best frames. And this uPVC Window Beading is precisely that.

To sum up, for precision and style in one package, choose this uPVC Window Beading. It ensures your windows always stand out, framed in the best possible way.